Symptoms of Colonization

this is to help you focus,
help you cope with being

-take this three times a day.
oh, and this one is to help you
stop seeing things that aren’t there. -even though
none of this is real.
don’t forget to believe in the power of the institution.
don’t forget to breathe, through your crooked, clenched jaw grin

the power has been shifting from man to In God We Trust
an endless sea of yes, sir, we see you winning
-must be the capitalism talking, must be the paper, cash
skrilla, cheddar, cheese, lettuce, bread, coin, bones
Dead Presidents who were once

-founding fathers who made this mess
now don’t forget to take your afternoon meds,
these will help your mood match your flat affect

they’ve killed off the best parts of us, called it depression
DSM’d every symptom of colonization, we sleep to dream
dream to shift out of these suffocating realities;
one way streets, darkened alleyways, hollowed out
corridors of catholic schools and courthouse rooms
-these are what keep us from being so alive-how alive?
THIS ALIVE! -take your 8pm medications, these will help
you fade into a dreamless sleep, so you can wake tomorrow

and focus. No,
of course you’ll never. feel. a thing.

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live. love. wash. rinse. repeat.

2 thoughts on “Symptoms of Colonization

  1. Absolutely brilliant piece of writing and so very true. So called civilization has failed. Humans are like a disease to Mother Earth, reset button needed. Keep going Sarah.

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