Dip. Slide. Depart.

Happy 2018! I’m happy to announce I have a new collection of poetry available February 2018. This collection of poems explores the stages of grief and loss from the perspective of the dearly departed. Here’s one of the poems from this collection. This collection will be available in paperback via Big Cartel or Amazon, where I have two collections of poetry already available; Silent Stories and Ant Hills.

Here is one poem from Dip. Slide. Depart. 

 May I Ask You A Question?

we were held in hands light as feathers
shoved in caskets, stiff as boards
chest cavities like excavation sites,
twisted limbs like drift wood on lake shores
will you still love me when we’re faded memories?
long lost in translation, snaking back through
what could’ve been, what if,

what would you do with a lifetime more?
would you still love me when

our bones have been fed and watered, placed in shallow plots
tooth enamel chipped, skin pulled tight, hair tangled
around hollow skull. weathered
under crisp northern winds, winding
around bends, folded into coffins lined
with salt stained satin and flower petals
scattered to keep the sweet stench of rot away

will you still love me
once we’ve been pulled from form, creepy crawlies
scrapping remains off of decomposing
sacks of flesh, fresh to death-will you?
will you still love me?

when our bodies become burden,
when we slip into a dearly departed state

of being…

will you still love me?



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