Dear Sis,

a poem for you…

Three Types of Women

the cult of the virgin birthed woman
restored, achieved by her own defeat
our lady of graceful obstrigillate
walks in her wake, fight vs. flight
the wild woman, resists creation
of becoming the traditional woman;
conceals dependence from herself,
has crafted her heart cage to act as
an odynometer for measuring pain,
results of life’s longing, weaving
burden baskets as the matriarch

the woman you are,

is the type
who was created by the experience
you’ve housed in your throat box; but
today you will act as a sounding board
working with muffled screams, protests
for all of the women who do not exist,
a test of their own possibility

the women who could’ve been
one of the missing two hundred million
the woman you are has been carefully
crafted, she was designed by all
women who came before you, she
was a predestined piece of society,
fabric sewn into the history of land
matriarch that made house home

the woman you are might be
without womb, perhaps something
she never chose to use, but a she before
chose to build you; women’s history is
(much more) complex, a series of moments
beginning embryonic life, the supply of ovocytes
the creation of ova, at the moment of birth
her species has taken possession of herself.

she is everything life craves, and everything
life cannot contain, a double deceptive image
mediator between auspicious nature and
the death of man, the temptation of nature
wholly untamed, a riddle without resolution
carnal embodiment of moral values and all
their opposites, night next to day; juxtaposed.
she is action and it’s obstacles, wicked to the touch
a taboo in the garden of eden, the ripened fruit
even before she’s come of age, raging against machine

this type of woman is inside of you,
man’s grasp on every possible world,
and his failure, she is the reflection
of each existence and all expression
life can give, can gift, can procreate,
suffocating in its own unraveling origins,
complex creations of every version of

woman, womb to tomb.

-You deserve to be happy.

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live. love. wash. rinse. repeat.

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